Fire Hazards

Smoking-related fires are the number one cause of residential fire deaths in Vermont and the United States. Smoking not only poses a serious health and safety risk to residents, but a serious financial risk for property owners with fire-related repairs, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars when a single cigarette is improperly discarded or left ignited indoors.

    • Smoking-related materials are the leading cause of fire deaths in the State of Vermont (1995-2004) and responsible for 25% of all fire-related deaths (Vermont Division of Fire Safety).
    • Nationally, in 2001 there were an estimated 31,200 smoking-related fires, 830 deaths, 1,770 injuries, and $386 million in property damage (National Fire Protection Agency).
    • In 2001, smoking was the cause of 40% of deaths from apartment fires in the U.S. and was also the cause of 16% of injuries from apartment fires (National Fire Protection Agency).
    • Review the National Fire Protection Agency’s Selected Published Smoking-Material Fire Incidents, October 2008.