Property Casualty Insurance

Insurance agencies in Vermont may provide a credit or premium discount to landlords on their liability or property casualty insurance for having a comprehensive smokefree policy.

It is important that you ask your carrier about the possibility of receiving such a discount for having a written smokefree policy. Ask your broker today!

Things to look for, and ask about, when reviewing your insurance policy:

    • Look for penalties for NOT having a smokefree policy. Insurers will often include penalties for not having comprehensive fire-safe provisions, including a smokefree policy, sprinklers and smoke-detectors.
    • Ask about a “credit" for having a smokefree policy, since some insurers automatically add a "debit" to the premium unless you provide proof that leases require units to be smokefree.
    • Request a premium reduction since some insurers may have eliminated a number of "premium perks" due to unrelated losses in the insurance business. Since the smokefree apartment credit may have been dropped by some insurers, but not others, request your carrier include it in your policy, as smokefree apartment policies dramatically reduce the risk of smoking-related fire death and damage.