Renter Resources

In addition to the many resources below, be sure to check out the Strategies for Residents

and Renter Rights sections of this site.

Toolkit for Renters – a comprehensive eight-page toolkit for renters from Smokefree Oregon.

Landlord's Guide to No-Smoking Policies – a sixteen-page handbook for landlords considering a smokefree policy. Great resource to print out and give to your landlord!

Sample Neighbor Letter – sample letter from one neighbor to another about your personal concern your involuntary secondhand smoke exposure.

Sample Landlord Letter – sample letter to use to send your landlord including basic information about the problem and what you would like to be done to solve it.

Sample Physician Communication Letter – give this to your physician as a sample if you would like to request a reasonable accommodation from your landlord.

Secondhand Smoke Communication Record – an easy-to-use tool for residents when recording their actions and communications.

Legal Options for Residents Suffering from Drifting Tobacco Smoke – comprehensive document explaining residents legal options from Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC).

Is there a “right to smoke"? – additional information to give to landlords who aren’t quite convinced of the legality behind smokefree housing from TALC.

Infiltration of Secondhand Smoke into Condominiums, Apartments and Other Multi-Unit Dwellings – a legal synopsis article from the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium (TCLC).

Smoked Out of Your Apartment – a fact sheet with more suggestions on how to eliminate secondhand smoke from your apartment.